Genetic Evaluations

Our business is built around running genetic evaluations for clients. The products of these evaluations are Estimated Progeny Differences (EPDs) and an Associated Accuracy of Prediction. We have analyzed traits that are typical to most breeders such as birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, and ultrasound data. We have also analyzed non-typical traits such as feed efficiency and days to calving. All of our evaluations are capable of incorporating genomic results using the most up-to-date models available.

Genotyping Services

We currently work with multiple labs to deliver results that are specific to the breeders needs. These results are incorporated into the genetic evaluations to deliver a single estimation of an animal’s genetic merit for a trait. In addition, we offer tools to establish and confirm the sire and dam of a particular animal using genomics.

Customized Databases

Each of our databases is customized to the needs of the breeders. We build customized databases for both individual breeders as well as breed associations.

Selection Tool Development

With our unique combination of genetic and business training, as well as practical involvement in the commercial beef industry, we have developed tools that allow breeders to more efficiently select breeding stock.